GeoActiv is a geological consulting and contracting business, based in Johannesburg, South Africa.  Since 1999 we offer a broad spectrum of geological services to the mineral industry in Southern Africa as well as internationally. The founders and share holders are professional geologists with many years of experience in various geological disciplines and they ensure confidential and reliable services of a high standard.

Our staff of experienced professionals has been closely involved with mining operations, target generation, mineral exploration and prospect evaluation in Southern Africa and abroad.  We also draw on a large base of contract geologists with special skills and experience, as may be needed for specific projects.  

GeoActiv is in close association with businesses related to mining, such as environmental management, land surveying, remote sensing and ground water management.

We offer a comprehensive and integrated ("one-stop") geological service that covers all aspects of the mineral industry, fully compliant to our client's needs. Our team can manage and conduct small to large projects, from core shed management and core moves, to managing large drilling projects and compliant mineral resource reports

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Our team


Kobus Badenhorst

Managing Director

Kobus has extensive experience in Greenstone Gold exploration (Zimbabwe and Tanzania), heavy mineral sands deposits (Mozambique and Northern Cape), Bushveld projects, Wits goldand Archean platinum (Kalplats project).  He has been involved in numerous projects from inception, with some of these going to full feasibility.


Johan Kruger


Johan holds a MSc (kimberlite petrology) and a PhD (Merensky Reef) and has published c.50 reviewed papers in international journals, and has addressed numerous conferences.  His main focus is the origin and economic geology of the Bushveld Complex including Chromotite, PGM, magnetite and fluorite.  He has also published on the MVT Pb-ZN of the Kaapvaal Craton as well as on legal, environmental and medical topics.  Johan has worked on chromitite, PGM, Pb-ZN and gold and limestone exploration projects.

Client List

  • Anglo Platinum Ltd –  Elandsfontein and Pandora (exploration)
  • Anglo Platinum Ltd –  Elandsfontein and Pandora (aeromagnetic surveys)
  • Anglo Platinum Ltd –  The Twickenham-Hackney-Lebowa area (exploration)
  • Anglo Platinum Ltd –  Amandelbult Section (mine grade control)
  • Anglo Platinum Ltd –  Union Section (mine grade control)
  • Anglo Platinum Ltd –  Bafokeng Rasimone Platinum Mine (grade control)
  • Anglo Platinum Ltd –  Bafokeng Rasimone Platinum Mine (exploration)
  • Anglo Platinum Ltd –  Potgietersrust Platinum Mine (exploration)
  • Anglo Platinum Ltd –  Lebowa (Atok) Platinum Mine (exploration)
  • Anglo Platinum Ltd –  Lebowa (Atok) Platinum Mine (grade control)
  • Aquarius PLC –  Marikana Project (exploration)
  • Aquarius PLC –  Marikana Project (underground sampling)
  • Barplats Ltd –  Kennedy’s Vale Project (exploration)
  • Barplats Ltd –  Kennedy’s Vale Project (exploration)
  • Barplats Ltd –  Crocodile River Mine (exploration)
  • Boynton Investments –   Core Logging
  • Coffey Mining –  Elands platinum Mine and Kalkfontein (exploration)
  • Global PS Mining –  Zimbabwe Great Dyke (exploration)
  • Hunter Dickenson (Anooraq) –  Drenthe (exploration)Impala Platinum Ltd        –   Winnaarshoek (Marula) Project (exploration)
  • Impala Platinum Ltd –  Spitskop Project (exploration)
  • Impala Platinum Ltd –  Kalkfontein Project (exploration)
  • Impala Platinum Ltd –  Everest South Project (exploration)
  • Impala Platinum Ltd –  Everest North Project (exploration)
  • Impala Platinum Ltd –  Impala Mine Rustenburg (exploration)
  • Karo –  Zimbabwe Great Dyke (exploration)
  • Lonmin –  Groblersdal (exploration)
  • Modikwa Platinum –  Modikwa Mine (grade control)
  • Modikwa Platinum –  Modikwa Mine (exploration)
  • Platinum Australia Ltd –  Smokey Hills (exploration) and Resource Modeling; Kalplats greenstone Pt. (exploration); Rooderand (exploration)
  • Platinum Group Metals Ltd –  Waterberg project, exploration services;

Acquisition and Exploration (nine projects successfully acquired) Snowden Mining Consultants    –   Geotechnical logging (various mines and exploration core on the Bushveld Complex)

  • RSG Global –  Barplats (database and structural interpretation)
  • Sibanye –  Rustenburg (on-going underground sampling project)
  • Salene –   Chrome Zimbabwe (exploration)
  • Two Rivers Platinum Mine –  Geotechnical and exploration
  • UG2 –   Vryburg, greenstone platinum
  • Vanadium Resources –   Vanadium Steelpoort (exploration)
  • Active Gold Group –  Various (acquisition and exploration)
  • Anglogold –  Various areas (target generation)
  • Angola –  Various Greenfields (assessments, structural interp and reporting)
  • Badger Mines –   Nigeria Placer and Hard rock, (exploration)
  • Coffey Mining –  Wits Con Au
  • Desert Gold Ventures Inc –  Mali projects (exploration)
  • Durban Roodepoort Deep –  Hartbeesfontein Mine (exploration)
  • Durban Roodepoort Deep –  Hartbeesfontein Mine (grade control)
  • Durban Roodepoort Deep –  Northwest (exploration)
  • Flemish Investments –  Burundi (exploration manager& project manager).
  • Ghana Manganese Company –  Nsuta, Ghana (exploration)
  • Gold Fields Ltd –  Leeudoorn Gold Mine (exploration)
  • Gold Fields Ltd –  Driefontein Consolidated (exploration)
  • Gold Fields Ltd –  New Business Division International (modelling and resource estimation)
  • Gold Fields Ltd –  New Business Division (modelling and resource estimation)
  • Gordonis Minerals Ltd –  Drylands project (exploration)
  • Great Basin Gold Burnstone (exploration, MRM, Structural interpretation)
  • Harmony Ltd –  Randfontein, Doornkop and Cooke (grade control)
  • Harmony Ltd –  Evander Gold Mine (structure, grade control)
  • Harmony Ltd –  Brand 3 Shaft (geological database)
  • Harmony Ltd –  Evander 6 Shaft (grade control)
  • JCI Ltd –  Exploration (Datamine modelling and resource estimation)
  • Kara Gold –  Exploration, Uganda
  • Madagascar –  Gold Northern Madagascar (evaluation)
  • Migrate Mining Ltd –  British Guyana (exploration)
  • Mozambique –  Placer and hard rock
  • National Union of Mine Workers –  Barberton (evaluation)
  • National Union of Mine Workers –  South Deep (evaluation)
  • Pangea –  Manica Project, Mozambique (exploration)
  • Placer Dome –  South Deep Mine (grade control, modelling and resource estimations
  • Randfontein Estates Limited –  Randfontein (grade control)
  • Regius Exploration –  Mozambique Placer and hard rock (exploration and CPR)
  • Dushanbe Tajikistan –   Tajikistan Placer and hard rock, (trenching and drilling)
  • VSA Geological Consultants –  Namibia (exploration and evaluation)
  • Witwatersrand Gold –  Various exploration projects
  • Zimbabwe and Tanzania –  Various start up assessments
  • Benhaus Marketing –  Various (exploration)
  • De Grooteboom – Eastern Bushveld, exploration, resource modelling, SAMREC compliant report
  • Gumtree –  Brits, Steelpoort, Rustenberg
  • Lurco Metals –  Pilanesberg, Brits & Rustenberg
  • Tharisa Minerals –  Rustenburg (exploration), ongoing production diamond drilling logging and sampling
  • Memor –  Pilanesberg area, Langpan (exploration)
  • Mineral Corporation –  Pilanesberg area (exploration)
  • Nuco Chrome –  Rustenburg area, exploration, SAMREC compliant resource report
  • Royal Bafokeng Nation –  Rustenburg (exploration)
  • Ruighoek Mine –  Pilanesburg area (exploration)
  • Versatex –  Naboom (exploration)
  • Salene –   Zimbabwe Chrome (exploration)
  • CVRD –  Mozambique (exploration)
  • Elementary Energy –  Waterberg coal (exploration, target generation)
  • Benhaus Marketing –  Various (exploration)
  • Geoconsult International –  Mmamabula Project, Botswana (exploration)
  • JSW Steel –  Mozambique (exploration)
  • Madacascar –  Coal Southern Madacascar (evaluation)
  • Sasol –  Sasolburg (exploration)
  • Stan Bridge –  Botswana (exploration)
  • Sephaku –  Belfour (exploration)
  • Venmin & SMS –  Nigeria (exploration)
  • VSA Geological Consultants –  Brits (evaluation)
  • Golden Pond –  Limestone (Groblersdal)
  • Matutu Absorbents –  Attapulgite clay, Pilanesburg (exploration)
  • Sephaku –  Calcrete (Lichtenburg); Calcrete and Limestone (Groblersdal)
  • Ngululu Resources –   Brick Clay Evaluation.
  • Namakwa Diamonds –   exploration in DRC
  • Various companies –  evaluation of small operations
  • VSA Geological Consultants –  various (evaluation)
  • Golder and Associates –  Mozambique (exploration)
  • Cloneen Investments –   Namaqua (exploration)
  • Regius Exploration –  Mozambique (exploration, resource modelling and reporting)
  • Windimurra Vanadium Ltd –  Sri Lanka and Bangladesh (exploration and compliant competent persons reports and JORC compliant resource reports)
  • Zirco Ewsources –  Westcoast South Africa, several projacts, exploration
  • Titanium Sands –   Mannar Sri Lanka (exploration)
  • Coffey Mining –  Sierra Leone, iron ore (exploration)
  • Coza & AMSA –  Iron ore, Northern Cape (exploration)
  • De Groote Boom Minerals –  Steelpoort (exploration, CPR and MRE)
  • Lesega –   Karstic Manganese (South Africa)
  • Sphere Mining Investments –  Iron, Mauritania (exploration)


  • Doe Run –  MVT (exploration)
  • Allan Saad Consulting –  Fluorspar, Zeerust (exploration)
  • Steenkampskraal –  Geophysical survey
  • Mozambique and SA –  Target generation
  • Vanadium Resources –  Steelpoort (various exploration phases)
  • Boboko Investments              –  Mokopane (various exploration phases)
  • African Nickel –  Nickel, Angola (exploration)
  • GMR resources –  Botswana Cu (exploration)
  • Benhaus Marketing –  Project assessments
  • East Africa Minerals –   Sn -W Uganda.
  • Gold Fields Limited –  Ground Stability Unit (ground survey)
  • New Energy –  Uranium, Cameroon (exploration)
  • PGM management –  Nickel, Northern Cape (exploration)
  • RSG Global –  Uranium, Malawi (exploration)
  • RTZ –  Tanzania (database)
  • Teal Mining –  Copper, Democratic Republic of Congo
  • VSA Geo Consultants –  Malawi Government & EU (Mineral)
  • Karo Platinum –   Zimbabwe Platinum (exploration)